Hi there, I’m Ben Droste, founder of 100 Stones Interactive. I founded this studio with the aim of making great games that deliver new and interesting experiences. I consider people’s time to be precious, and if you are going to do me the honor of spending that time playing my game, then I owe it to you to make damn sure it’s a great experience.


This means every moment of the game needs to be special. It should be a unique and memorable experience, complete and satisfying in its own right without the need for filler content.

The Eyes of Ara is the first game in this journey.



About 100 Stones Interactive

At 100 Stones Interactive I believe that the best games are those that explore new ideas, provide memorable experiences, and challenge our preconceptions. Games should be more than just passing entertainment, indeed games represent a powerful interactive medium through which to communicate ideas and explore the human condition.

At 100 Stones Interactive, I strive to create games that live up to this potential.

Founded in 2015, 100 Stones Interactive is a games studio based in Melbourne, Australia.



Ben Droste


Ben is a veteran of the Australian Games industry. He worked with well-known properties such as Star Wars, Viva Piñata, Spyro the Dragon, and Mickey Mouse. Most recently, he contracted as a Level Designer for 5Lives Studios on their successful Kickstarter title Satellite Reign.

He has shipped nine titles across a range of platforms including PS2, original Xbox, GameCube, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, iOS and Android. Originally an Environment Artist, Ben has expanded his skill set to include Game Design, Programming, and Project Management.

In the past, Ben has worked for multiple studios, including Krome Studios, KMM Games, and SEGA Studios Australia. After the closure of SEGA Studios Australia he went solo to work on his own game prototypes, including what would eventually become The Eyes of Ara.

In 2015 he founded 100 Stones Interactive with the goal of completing The Eyes of Ara and establishing himself as an independent developer, and as he says: “work on my own games rather than somebody else’s”.





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