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100 Stones Interactive

Founding Date:

13 November, 2015



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[email protected]




100 Stones Interactive is an Australian based, one-man independent games studio, founded and run by Ben Droste, a veteran of the Australian games industry. 100 Stones Interactive exists to breathe life into evocative new worlds that spark joyous exploration and inspire lasting memories.


About Ben and the Founding of 100 Stones Interactive

Ben is a veteran of the Australian Games industry, having worked with well-known properties such as Star Wars, Viva Pinata, Spyro the Dragon, and Mickey Mouse, as well as a slew of indepentent titles. In 2015 Ben founded 100 Stones Interactive to pursued his ambition of establishing his own independent games studio.


100 Stones’ debute title, The Eyes of Ara, was announced to the world through a successful Kickstarter campaign in June of 2015, and launched on PC and Mac on July 19th, 2016. A critical success, The Eyes of Ara has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and multiple awards and nominations. Following the initial successs the game was ported to mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch.

Today work is underway on Memory’s Reach,  100 Stones Interactive’s second title.


Ben Droste

Founder. Director and Lead Developer.

See game specific pages for additional credits and collaborators.